Set up your business
in the UAE 
Set up your business
in the UAE
We set up business across all Emirates of the UAE, Faster and More Cost-Effective


100% Ownership
NO FX Control
NO Corporate Income Tax
NO Person Income Tax
FREE Profit Repatriation
Physical Presence NOT
required to set up
UAE Tax Resident
Residency visa
Flexi-desk ALLOWED


100% Ownership
NO FX Control
NO Corporate Income Tax
NO Person Income Tax
FREE Profit Repatriation
UAE Tax Resident
Residency visa
Access to LOCAL Consumers
MORE Activities
Office Space FLEXIBLE
EASY to Expand Business


FULL Confidentiality
FAST to Set Up
LOW Cost
NO FX Control
NO Corporate Income Tax
NO Personal Income Tax
FREE Profit Repatriation
Office Space NOT Required
Audit Report NOT Required
Easy to Manage

A Licensed Firm in Dubai, UAE
Polaris is a licensed consulting firm in Dubai, and its license number is 867012. As a registered entity with the UAE central bank, we definitively reject any services related to international money-laundering, terrorism or any other illegal activities under the applicable laws.  

Our main business includes the UAE company formation and related corporate services, business and legal advisory etc..
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We provide all value-added services which you may require for your business in the UAE


  • UAE work visa application
  • Document preparation and attestation
  • License renewal and amendment
  • Governmental approval renewal
  • Lease and Ejari application
  • Other corporate secretarial work
Bank accounts, Accounting, Tax and Audit
  • Bank account opening assistance
  • Banking business consultancy
  • Book-keeping
  • Tax registration, filing and planning
  • Audit report arrangement
  • Other BATA-related services

Commercial Advisory

  • TM and Patent registration
  • Joint venture setup
  • Feasibility study report preparation 
  • Business and training event
  • Office space arrangement
  • Industrial special report preparation 

Legal Advisory

  • Corporate affairs
  • Contracts
  • Employment 
  • Tax issues
  • Due diligence
  • Litigation
  • UAE is strategically located, connecting the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. Flying from Dubai, you can reach 2/3 of world population in 8 hours.
  • Low tax regime. Based on the PWC Total Tax Rate, UAE is one of the lowest tax regimes in the world, there is no corporate income tax or personal income tax, and the VAT is imposed on local consumption or service at a flat rate of 5%.
  • International financial hub. Dubai is one of top ten financial centers in the world.
  • World-class infrastructure. UAE boast world-class infrastructure like A-class office buildings, regional flight hubs, world-class highways, well-educated manpower etc.  
  • Vibrant business environment. As a highly international city, Dubai has 92% of its residents as expats, and 80% of local companies are SMEs aspiring for fast growth and development.  
In UAE, there are three types of company: Offshore, Free zone and Mainland.
Simply put, an offshore company can NOT give you UAE residency and you are not allowed to operate in UAE. A free zone company gives you full control of the company and is considered as a full “tax resident” of UAE, and a free zone company cannot engage in 2C activities which require premises outside the free zone. A mainland company can mostly be 100% owned by foreigner, but in some cases you are required to have a local as “Local Service Agent”; a mainland company have more choices in terms of office location and visa quota etc.  
Different  procedures apply, depending on the company type and the requirements of different authorities. Generally speaking, you are expected to go through steps like name reservation, initial approval and final approval.
The cost can be very different depending on what kind of company you are setting up and where. There are promotions offered by different authorities all the year round, and you may check with a corporate service provided like Polaris to see how you can make good use of these promotions.
Generally speaking, for individual applicants, you need to prepare your passport, proof of address, educational certificate (for some professional activities), and for corporate applicants, you need to have license and articles of association attested by the UAE embassy in the home country.
In most cases, you don’t. But in some cases, you need to pay up the share capital.
You need to renew your license on a yearly basis, and to renew the license, you may need to submit an audit report. After taking effect of VAT laws of UAE as of January 1, 2018, mainland and free zone companies are supposed to register for the VAT purposes if their taxable supply reach a certain amount, and the quarterly VAT filing is mandatory after registration.
For offshore companies, you don’t need to have an office or office space, but you need a registered agent throughout the life of the company and you are using your registered agent’s address as the offshore company’s address. For free zone and mainland companies, you do need to have an office space, but it has many options including a flexi-desk or “hot-desk”.
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We keep track of the latest development of UAE laws and regulations on the company setup, and it would be our great honor if you could get some useful information from our blog.
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